The Super Bowl by Logan

ts the final game of the NFL season. The moment all of Americas been waiting for, and my sweet family got me awesome tickets in the back of end zone number two. I watch as the starting Quarter Back for the Steelers takes the field, Ryan White, for the coin toss. Also coming out on the field was the patriots star middle linebacker. I knew that it was going to be a close game. The patriots call heads as the ref throws it up. It lands on tails. Ryan elects to receive.

The two teams set up for the first play. As soon as there set, the patriots kicker raises his hand then kicks it deep to Antonio Brown. I have a hard time seeing the steelers offense walk to onto the field because the guy in front of me has a huge sign and hes keeps on screaming. First and ten, Ryan hikes the ball, drops back to pass, finds a open man, throws it short, but it gets broken up. The next play he gets swatted at the line. Third and ten, Ryan needs a big play. “Hike” the snapper snaps it to Ryan he drops back, then looks around. Finally he throws, but sadly its intercepted by the Patriots. They return it to the one yard line.

“Come on Ryan get your head in the game” I scream. This doesn’t look good. The last thing the steelers wanted was to be down by seven. On the next steeler drive Ryan completes ten out of ten passes then caps it off with a thirty yard touch down pass to a wide open receiver. “Take that Tom Brady” I scream. Every things looking good so far with the steelers up by seven. Ryan only being a rookie haas had a spectacular season. He won fourteen out of sixteen games and lead them through the playoffs. Its the first time ever that a rookie quarter back has brought his team to the super bowl.

“Come on Ryan” I mumble to myself. He takes the snap then quickly throws it to Mike Wallace, but as he does he get hit so hard he fly a couple feet backwards.

“Come on man, get up” I say desperately, but he doesn’t. Doctors quickly take the field. “You can play through it.” The whole stadium is dead quiet. No says a word. There all in shock. Slowly they put Ryan on a stretcher and carry him off the field, just as the back up jogs onto the field. I can’t watch any more. Getting out of my seat I hope Ryans ok and just got the air knocked out of him. I trudge to all the concession stand. It seams the whole stadium is here for the injury break. I wait in line for what feels like hours wondering if Ryans well play or even play next season. I groan, this does not look good for all steeler fans. Finally its my turn. I tell him what I want then wait for it to be cooked. It takes forever to cook chicken. When its finished the man hands it to me, and I try and walk up the steps but theirs a ton of people coming down the stairs. They had excited looks on there faces. When I get out of the tunnel I’m surprised. The score board says, seven to seven with no time left on the clock. The steelers were still in this. The refs and players walk out on to the field for the overtime coin toss. You could feel the excitement in the air as millions of people held there breath. I couldn’t here what the patriots called but I see the coin fly up in to the lights. It lands on tails again. There is a ton of screaming and applause. “Who won” I ask the guy sitting next to me.

“Steelers” he replies.

“Yes” I say to myself.

“I’m pulling for the patriots”

“I was born in Pittsburgh so I’ve always been a steeler. Just then I see Ryan limb onto the field. “How long has he been in”

“He just got in. I heard that he has a hyper extended ankle.”

“Wow thats got to hurt, buts hes tuff.”

The Steeler offense walks to the line. Its a pass. Ryan throws a horrible pass that falls incomplete. The next play looks like the same thing. On the third play Ryan throws it and its almost picked. The punt team walks on to the field. They set up in there usual punt formation but the center snaps it to Rashard Mendanhall, the starting running back. He starts running down the field. “There’s no way he can make it to that first down. There’s no way.” But he just keeps running. Now hes clearly past the line and theirs still nobody in front of him. Hes at the thirty, then the twenty, then the ten, touchdown.

“YES” I yell. The steelers one it in overtime on a fake punt eighty yard run. I’m so happy, but I feel bad for the guy sitting next to me. He looks ok. Then he gets up and leaves. The game MVP was Ryan White.   

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