Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act is worth the cost.  It is a necessary program that is funded by the government.  It was built for the people and will save us both our lives and money.

The average american will be saving money on health care thanks to Obamacare.  The people at Obamacarefacts.com said  “Although Obamacare’s net costs are in the trillions, the law actually reduces the growth in health care spending by tens of billions each year, reduces health care costs for many Americans, helps to insure tens of millions and is estimated to result in an overall net decrease of the deficit.”  So instead of destroying the government and the economy like many common americans believe, Obamacare will actually help with the national deficit in later years and reduce healthcare costs to americans who can not afford it.

Another reason to keep obamacare is that it will be saving lives.   Five hundred and two americans die do to lack of health care.  Those people now they have easy access to easy affordable health care to protect them.  “The decision of the Supreme Court to uphold the Affordable Care Act will now ensure chronic ill people access to insurance coverage they were previously denied. Although there are portions of the law which will not go into effect until 2014, the lives of many people — our neighbors, or family members or even ourselves — will no longer be marginalized or valued less by our culture because of their medical status. Prior to the passage of the ACA,

serious health conditions deemed by many insurance providers as pre-existing, non-coverable as the result of improper living habits (i.e. smoking, excessive use of alcohol, etc…), will give people a chance at living a life with dignity and honor” (Winbush).  People now have access to the medical assistance they need.  The people we love and care are protected.    Thinkprocess.org said “People who already have suffered a major illness or accident know that insurance companies can be terribly unforgiving. But Obamacare mandates insurance companies aren’t allowed to deny you insurance if you have any pre-existing condition. That means, no matter what your medical history looks like, you’ll be able to sign up for it.”  People will be covered and protected with these plan.  It can save the lives of the people close to us.  Is there really a price that you can pay for thousands of people lives?

One reason people don’t like obama care is because they don’t understand it.  They are not well informed voters.  A recent cnbc poll showed that “Forty-six percent oppose Obamacare and only 37 percent oppose ACA.”  This shows us that do not know what Obamacare really is.  Some people have been told not to like it with no idea of their own for what it stands for.

In conclusion Obamacare will be saving lives and money.    Without Obamacare we are letting thousands of people die and millions of dollars go down the drain.  It is a very important policy that will protect the people and must be kept in order.  People need to understand what  it is and what it does for our country.  Obamacare is worth the cost!

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