Adult Hood

“Mom I’m home.” Says thirteen year old Kevin James.  His voice cracks a little as he quietly sat down and drinks his still hot coffee.

“How was work son.” Asks his mom.

“Good.”  Said Kevin.  Kevin had always treated her well.  He was a wonderful son and the best on the block.  Kevin had bought her this great big house and the food he cooked was always amazing.  Her husband was good too.  He always did his chores but was always watching a tv shows that were too young for him.  One time Kevin had caught him watching “How I Met Your Mother” which he was way too old for and he was grounded for a month.  He didn’t understand it at all but their neighbor, Scott, had bragged that his daughter let him watch so naturally dad wanted to watch it as well.  Today he was on the TV when Kevin walked in.

“Dad get off the TV, you’ve been on it all day.  Have you even cleaned your room like I asked you too?”  Kevin asked.

“Can’t I do it tomorrow.”  Dad asked.

“No, now go upstairs and finish it.”  His father angrily walked upstairs.  “Why is he in such a bad mood.”  Asked Kevin turning toward mom.

“We might have gotten in a little disagreement.”  Replied mom sheepishly.

“You two were fighting again!  I just can’t leave you alone anymore.  I am getting too old for this.  Nobody else has to yell at their kids for the same exact thing everyday.  It would be thought that I would not have to deal with such problems with 46 year olds.  Give me your phone.  You won’t get it back until next week.”  Kevin yelled.

“It was his fault.  I just -”

“I don’t want to hear it.  Go to your room as well.” Kevin cut in.

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