“We are here captain! This is were the treasure should be” says the first mate.

“Well than find it you lazy swob” screams the captain. His voice as gruff as sandpaper.

“Yes sir” said the first mate. “But theirs nothing here, just a waterfall.”

The two pirates stood in the middle of a clearing surrounded by trees. In the middle there was a huge water fall that flowed in a river that ran straight through the woods. Both of the pirates had been following the river and were very tired.

“Where is she” mumbles the captain

“What are we looking for” says the younger of the two. His eyes scanning the clearing.

The captain stood tall, his beard blowing in the wind as he grumbles “the Stone of Hearts mate, a jewel so big you can’t palm the thing.”

“Whats that over there captain” says the first mate voice growing high as he gets excited.

“Arrggg you may be on to something.” 

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