Today I spent the whole day in Hawaii.  It was incredible.  It rained the whole time, but I didn’t care.  I got to swim at Waikiki beach, and is was the most beautiful water I have ever been in.  The views of the city and the mountain were amazing.  We were also fed very well, and I got to go to a Hawaiian cook out, and had all the pork and traditional food I could eat.  I watched the fire dancers perform and watched a lot of different types of Hula.  I also bought a shirt as a souvenir. The most incredible thing about Hawaii was the beaches, and I’m so glad I got to swim.  We drove past the University of Hawaii and I felt a little jealous.  I wished we’d spent another day in Hawaii, so I could learn how to surf, but tonight we leave port.  I’m still smiling from all the fun I’ve had, and I tried to take a lot of pictures.  Now its a straight shoot from Honolulu to Kobe, and I will have completely crossed the Pacific Ocean.

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