Adult Hood

“Mom I’m home.” Says thirteen year old Kevin James.  His voice cracks a little as he quietly sat down and drinks his still hot coffee.

“How was work son.” Asks his mom.

“Good.”  Said Kevin.  Kevin had always treated her well.  He was a wonderful son and the best on the block.  Kevin had bought her this great big house and the food he cooked was always amazing.  Her husband was good too.  He always did his chores but was always watching a tv shows that were too young for him.  One time Kevin had caught him watching “How I Met Your Mother” which he was way too old for and he was grounded for a month.  He didn’t understand it at all but their neighbor, Scott, had bragged that his daughter let him watch so naturally dad wanted to watch it as well.  Today he was on the TV when Kevin walked in.

“Dad get off the TV, you’ve been on it all day.  Have you even cleaned your room like I asked you too?”  Kevin asked.

“Can’t I do it tomorrow.”  Dad asked.

“No, now go upstairs and finish it.”  His father angrily walked upstairs.  “Why is he in such a bad mood.”  Asked Kevin turning toward mom.

“We might have gotten in a little disagreement.”  Replied mom sheepishly.

“You two were fighting again!  I just can’t leave you alone anymore.  I am getting too old for this.  Nobody else has to yell at their kids for the same exact thing everyday.  It would be thought that I would not have to deal with such problems with 46 year olds.  Give me your phone.  You won’t get it back until next week.”  Kevin yelled.

“It was his fault.  I just -”

“I don’t want to hear it.  Go to your room as well.” Kevin cut in.


Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act is worth the cost.  It is a necessary program that is funded by the government.  It was built for the people and will save us both our lives and money.

The average american will be saving money on health care thanks to Obamacare.  The people at said  “Although Obamacare’s net costs are in the trillions, the law actually reduces the growth in health care spending by tens of billions each year, reduces health care costs for many Americans, helps to insure tens of millions and is estimated to result in an overall net decrease of the deficit.”  So instead of destroying the government and the economy like many common americans believe, Obamacare will actually help with the national deficit in later years and reduce healthcare costs to americans who can not afford it.

Another reason to keep obamacare is that it will be saving lives.   Five hundred and two americans die do to lack of health care.  Those people now they have easy access to easy affordable health care to protect them.  “The decision of the Supreme Court to uphold the Affordable Care Act will now ensure chronic ill people access to insurance coverage they were previously denied. Although there are portions of the law which will not go into effect until 2014, the lives of many people — our neighbors, or family members or even ourselves — will no longer be marginalized or valued less by our culture because of their medical status. Prior to the passage of the ACA,

serious health conditions deemed by many insurance providers as pre-existing, non-coverable as the result of improper living habits (i.e. smoking, excessive use of alcohol, etc…), will give people a chance at living a life with dignity and honor” (Winbush).  People now have access to the medical assistance they need.  The people we love and care are protected. said “People who already have suffered a major illness or accident know that insurance companies can be terribly unforgiving. But Obamacare mandates insurance companies aren’t allowed to deny you insurance if you have any pre-existing condition. That means, no matter what your medical history looks like, you’ll be able to sign up for it.”  People will be covered and protected with these plan.  It can save the lives of the people close to us.  Is there really a price that you can pay for thousands of people lives?

One reason people don’t like obama care is because they don’t understand it.  They are not well informed voters.  A recent cnbc poll showed that “Forty-six percent oppose Obamacare and only 37 percent oppose ACA.”  This shows us that do not know what Obamacare really is.  Some people have been told not to like it with no idea of their own for what it stands for.

In conclusion Obamacare will be saving lives and money.    Without Obamacare we are letting thousands of people die and millions of dollars go down the drain.  It is a very important policy that will protect the people and must be kept in order.  People need to understand what  it is and what it does for our country.  Obamacare is worth the cost!

Immigration Reform

Is Our Current Immigration Policy Fair/Just

Our current immigration policy is not fair/just.  One problem with it is the number of illegal immigrants who have entered the country. Another problem is the limited amount of legal immigrants entering the country.  People living in third world countries deserve to have a chance to have all the opportunities that America brings.  Most of our ancestors immigrated here at one point.

One of the big problems about the immigration policy is the number of people breaking this policy by illegally entering the U.S..  The number of illegal immigrants in America is way too high.  There are currently estimated around 11.7 million people who entered the country illegally.  Julia Preston at the New York Times said that “Recent figures, including reports from the Border Patrol of illegal crossings at the southwest border, suggest that the numbers began to grow again last year.”  They are taking away jobs from americans who deserve them.  The reality is that illegal immigration hurts the U.S. middle class and it is severely damaging to the U.S. economy.  “Because of illegal immigration, every single day wages are lost, taxes don’t get collected, hospitals provide “free healthcare” for which they are never paid, huge criminal gangs of foreigners are roaming our streets and the cost of providing social services to illegal aliens is slowly bankrupting state and local governments”  (WVWNEWS).  The needs of the people of America must come before those who have snuck in.

One of the reasons so many people are getting into the United States of America is because of a weak border control. It is important that border control cracks down on illegal immigrants.  We can improve it by adding more border control agents.  Some Senators say that it would be a good idea to require fingerprints to get into our country.  This could reduce the probability of criminals entering.  However without increasing the number of border control agents this policy would not be enough to have a large effect on the number of illegal immigrants in America.  It is the only way to prevent these people from breaking our laws and customs.

Another reason America’s immigration policy is not fair is because it only allows six hundred and seventy-five thousand immigrants into the country each year.  This number is way too low.  These people have done nothing wrong yet are living in poverty.  They deserve the chance to get naturalized.  People think that these people are all criminals.  Instead they are mostly good people who are starving, sick, thirsty and living in the of the worst conditions with limited, if any shelter.  We as Americans can do

something about it by allowing more people to have a better life in the U.S.A..   They power our culture and are a big part of the way America is being run.  “We are a nation of immigrants. Successive waves of immigrants have kept our country demographically young, enriched our culture and added to our productive capacity as a nation, enhancing our influence in the world” (Griswold).  By adding just one hundred thousand more immigrants every year we are changing lives.  The more immigrants there are the more diverse America is.  People don’t realise it but immigrants are the backbone of our society.  Albert Einstein, one of the smartest men ever to walk the earth, moved here from Switzerland.  The potential is out there, these people just need the opportunities that America brings.  With more immigrants we can effect our future as country in positive way.

Obama and the government had the power to change things  but instead let the topic slide through their fingers and by pushing the reform into next year.  Boehner had been unwilling to enter into talks with the Senate on a broad bill that will help these people.  These immigrants need change right now.  It is important that they get this change as soon as possible (Parker).

In conclusion our current immigration policy is not fair/just because it does not stop enough illegal immigrants and does not allow enough legal immigrants who deserve a chance to live in America.  The current immigration reform needs to be changed.  Boehner and the house need to get their act together and realise this is serious issue.  America has always stood for freedom, why can’t we allow a few more legal immigrants enjoy it with us.

Haunted House

The large, ominous doors opened wide with a screech as I forced myself to go inside the sinister dwelling that cloaked everything around it with a aura of death.  Thump, my heart pounded as I pushed back my fears and entered into one of the rooms.  Smoke rose and lights flashed on and off, illuminating an eerie figure lurking in the shadows toward the back.   Hearing the screams coming from the other rooms, I timidly walked closer, and I saw in full detail the monster’s true form, he was pale horrifying demon, straight from hell, with bloodshot eyes and blood still leaking over his sharpened teeth.  I fled upon sight of him, screaming all the way to where my cousin was waiting safely

Lacrosse History

Lacrosse is one of oldest sports ever and North America’s first. It was first played by Native Americans in the 1400’s. Baggataway (thats what they called it) was much more violent then what we have now. Its original purpose was to solve conflicts, but then became a drill for the battlefield. Sometimes goals were a certain rock or tree that you would have to hit, or other tribes would put up posts that the ball would have to go through like we do now. The targets (goals) were spread out as far as 15 miles apart and there were no sidelines. Up to 1,000 players on both teams could play at the same time. They had 3-4 ft long sticks with nets on the end. As you can imagine with that many people on the field at once trying to get one ball into two goals it could get pretty physical. Most of the time braves were nowhere near the ball and much more focused on using the stick as a weapon. The game normally took 2-3 days with breaks from sun-down to sun-up.

When the Europeans came over in the 1500s, they took up the sport and gave it the name we use today, Lacrosse. They gave it that name because according to most accounts, Jean de Brebeuf (a French explorer) was the first to record baggataway. He thought that the stick resembled a bishop’s crozier called la crosse in French.

In 1794 a match between the Seneca and Mohawks resulted in the creating of basic rules. Europeans in Canada began playing the game. Montreal’s Olympic Club organized a team in 1844, specifically to play a match against a Native American team.

George Beers of the MLC rewrote the rules thoroughly in 1867. His rules called for twelve players per team, and named the positions: Goal, point, cover point, first defense, second defense, third defense, center, first attack, second attack, third attack, out home, and in home. He also improved the ball from a wad of deer skin to a hard rubber sphere and constructed a better stick so throwing and catching was easier. For the things he did he is now called “the father of lacrosse”.

In 1881 The first intercollegiate tournament was held at Westchester Polo Grounds in New York. Soon after in 1890 the first women’s lacrosse game was played at St. Leonard’s School in St. Andrew’s, Scotland.

By the 20th century lacrosse was becoming much more popular. In the USA the first collage team started at New York University which was followed by many more in the north-eastern region which spans from Michigan to North Carolina. In 1926 Rosabelle Sinclair reestablished women’s lacrosse in the United States when she started a team at the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore. In the early 1930s the United States Women’s Lacrosse Association (USWLA) was formed as the rule-making body for women’s lacrosse and just after the USWLA held its first national tournament in Greenwich, Connecticut. All these major events were in the east region. The west was not big on lacrosse. Now areas in the west are picking up with major teams in Denver and Notre Dame. Nationwide there about 250,000 people that play both boy’s and girl’s lacrosse.

Slowly and steadily lacrosse is making its way deeper and deeper in the hearts of many Americans and hopefully everybody worldwide. Its the fastest growing sport in the US and one day it might be as popular as soccer is now.  

How we Hear

First sound waves enter through the outer ear also called the pinna. The waves come into the ear canal, which ends at the eardrum. The sound causes the eardrum to vibrate which then makes the malleus hammer against  the incus. The incus passes the sound waves to the stapes, which transmits the wave information to the entrance of the inner ear called the oval window. This process changes the wave vibrations from low pressure to high pressure so they can be detected by the fluid filled inner ear.

The movement of the oval window transmits the waves through the fluid of your inner ear into the fluid filled cochlea. It then spirals through the cochlea. Next it has to travel through the Corti, which is a membrane with thousands of sensory hair cells attached. Each hair cell contains a bundle of tiny sensory hairs which emerge from the cell. Resting on top of these hairs is a second membrane. When the waves move the fluid in your cochlea, the first membrane vibrates, pushing the hairs against the second membrane. This changes the waves into nerve signals. These travel along the cochlear nerve to your brain. Your brain then pin points the sound.  That is why we as humans can here!

The Super Bowl by Logan

ts the final game of the NFL season. The moment all of Americas been waiting for, and my sweet family got me awesome tickets in the back of end zone number two. I watch as the starting Quarter Back for the Steelers takes the field, Ryan White, for the coin toss. Also coming out on the field was the patriots star middle linebacker. I knew that it was going to be a close game. The patriots call heads as the ref throws it up. It lands on tails. Ryan elects to receive.

The two teams set up for the first play. As soon as there set, the patriots kicker raises his hand then kicks it deep to Antonio Brown. I have a hard time seeing the steelers offense walk to onto the field because the guy in front of me has a huge sign and hes keeps on screaming. First and ten, Ryan hikes the ball, drops back to pass, finds a open man, throws it short, but it gets broken up. The next play he gets swatted at the line. Third and ten, Ryan needs a big play. “Hike” the snapper snaps it to Ryan he drops back, then looks around. Finally he throws, but sadly its intercepted by the Patriots. They return it to the one yard line.

“Come on Ryan get your head in the game” I scream. This doesn’t look good. The last thing the steelers wanted was to be down by seven. On the next steeler drive Ryan completes ten out of ten passes then caps it off with a thirty yard touch down pass to a wide open receiver. “Take that Tom Brady” I scream. Every things looking good so far with the steelers up by seven. Ryan only being a rookie haas had a spectacular season. He won fourteen out of sixteen games and lead them through the playoffs. Its the first time ever that a rookie quarter back has brought his team to the super bowl.

“Come on Ryan” I mumble to myself. He takes the snap then quickly throws it to Mike Wallace, but as he does he get hit so hard he fly a couple feet backwards.

“Come on man, get up” I say desperately, but he doesn’t. Doctors quickly take the field. “You can play through it.” The whole stadium is dead quiet. No says a word. There all in shock. Slowly they put Ryan on a stretcher and carry him off the field, just as the back up jogs onto the field. I can’t watch any more. Getting out of my seat I hope Ryans ok and just got the air knocked out of him. I trudge to all the concession stand. It seams the whole stadium is here for the injury break. I wait in line for what feels like hours wondering if Ryans well play or even play next season. I groan, this does not look good for all steeler fans. Finally its my turn. I tell him what I want then wait for it to be cooked. It takes forever to cook chicken. When its finished the man hands it to me, and I try and walk up the steps but theirs a ton of people coming down the stairs. They had excited looks on there faces. When I get out of the tunnel I’m surprised. The score board says, seven to seven with no time left on the clock. The steelers were still in this. The refs and players walk out on to the field for the overtime coin toss. You could feel the excitement in the air as millions of people held there breath. I couldn’t here what the patriots called but I see the coin fly up in to the lights. It lands on tails again. There is a ton of screaming and applause. “Who won” I ask the guy sitting next to me.

“Steelers” he replies.

“Yes” I say to myself.

“I’m pulling for the patriots”

“I was born in Pittsburgh so I’ve always been a steeler. Just then I see Ryan limb onto the field. “How long has he been in”

“He just got in. I heard that he has a hyper extended ankle.”

“Wow thats got to hurt, buts hes tuff.”

The Steeler offense walks to the line. Its a pass. Ryan throws a horrible pass that falls incomplete. The next play looks like the same thing. On the third play Ryan throws it and its almost picked. The punt team walks on to the field. They set up in there usual punt formation but the center snaps it to Rashard Mendanhall, the starting running back. He starts running down the field. “There’s no way he can make it to that first down. There’s no way.” But he just keeps running. Now hes clearly past the line and theirs still nobody in front of him. Hes at the thirty, then the twenty, then the ten, touchdown.

“YES” I yell. The steelers one it in overtime on a fake punt eighty yard run. I’m so happy, but I feel bad for the guy sitting next to me. He looks ok. Then he gets up and leaves. The game MVP was Ryan White.   

Spanish Family Tree


Me llamo Logan. Yo tengo doce años. Yo soy perezoso y delgado. Yo tengo el pelo castaño y bajo. Me gusta jugar Lacrosse y correr. Me gusta llevar un pantalones cortos and una camiseta. ¡No me gusta llevar los jeans!

 Mi Madre

Se llama Staci. Ella tiene cuarenta años. Ella es comicá y interesante. Ella tiene el pelo castaño pero los ojos verde. Le gusta cantar. Le gusta llevar ropa bonita.

 Mi Padre

Se llama Mark. Él tiene cuarenta y dos años. Él es divertido y trabajador. Él es alto y fuerte. Le gusta esquiar. Le gusta llevar los jeans y una camisa.

 Mi Hermana

Se llama Bailey. Ella tiene nueve años.. Ella es inteligente y simpaticá. Ella tiene el pelo castaño y muy baja. Le gusta nadar. Le gusta llevar una camisa bonita y un vestido.

 Mi Tió

Se llama Danny. Él tiene treinta y seite años. Él es comicó y paciente. Le gusta aprender español. Él tiene el pelo castaño y los ojos azules.

 Mi Tiá

Se llama Kate. Ella tiene treinta y seite años. Ella es inteligente y simpática. Le gusta escribir y leer. Ella tiene el pelo negro y rizado.

 Mi Prima

Se llama Braylin. Ella tiene uno años. Ella es pequeña y linda. Le gusta comer. Ella tiene el pelo corto y castaño.


“We are here captain! This is were the treasure should be” says the first mate.

“Well than find it you lazy swob” screams the captain. His voice as gruff as sandpaper.

“Yes sir” said the first mate. “But theirs nothing here, just a waterfall.”

The two pirates stood in the middle of a clearing surrounded by trees. In the middle there was a huge water fall that flowed in a river that ran straight through the woods. Both of the pirates had been following the river and were very tired.

“Where is she” mumbles the captain

“What are we looking for” says the younger of the two. His eyes scanning the clearing.

The captain stood tall, his beard blowing in the wind as he grumbles “the Stone of Hearts mate, a jewel so big you can’t palm the thing.”

“Whats that over there captain” says the first mate voice growing high as he gets excited.

“Arrggg you may be on to something.”