The Vampire’s Revenge

A crack of lightning flashed and was followed by a loud boom of thunder.  Our van pulled into the driveway of our new house.  As we got out, I questioned why we bought the house in the first place. It was a real fixer-upper. Most of shingles on the roof were missing and the windows were broken. It was dark out but every once in a while lightning struck, revealing more stuff about the house.  I’m going to live here I thought. No way.  It was bad enough that we moved but now I have to sleep in this dump. Worst of all, nobody lived any were near us. “Freddy come and help your dad take out the boxes”.  I barely heard my mom above the storm.  I wanted to be inside and reading my favorite book, The Vampire’s Revenge. It’s a great book about a guy who gets his blood sucked out by a vampire and tries to stop it with different things that are said to stop a vampire, but in the end all fail. My mom thinks that the book is terrible and thinks I should read books like Tom Sawyer and all that other junk.

My thoughts drifted off when I heard a loud howl that no human could ever make.  “What was that?” I murmured. My dad would probably know.  He studies animals for a living. We moved here because of him. He got a once in a lifetime opportunity to study the wild life in the woods around the house. “Fred, please come here.  Your dad really needs your help,” my mom pleaded. I walked over and started helping my dad.

After spending the whole day unpacking boxes I was wiped out. I fell asleep before I made it to my bed. I was woken late in the night by a loud crash. I ran over to the window to see what had happened. As I looked out through the window, I could see a huge dark object in the dim light.. I ran to get my mother, but came to sudden halt  That’s when I noticed a door that had not been there before.  It was nothing spectacular. It simply had not been there before. I was sure of it because I had seen a really cool picture of a vampire sucking the blood out some British guy right where the door was now.

Any way, I felt the sudden urge to open the door. Inside were dark stairs. Cobwebs littered the ceiling. Each step I took made the stairs groan like a mummy waking up after sleeping for a thousand years. Finally I reached the bottom. My flashlight reveled a tenebrous room full of boxes, and crates of all sizes. In the middle of the room was what looked like a coffin. I walked over to get a better look.  It was definitely a coffin. It had that weird shape, and gold hinges. Yup, it’s definitely a coffin I thought.

Creakkkk, the coffin slowly opened. I jumped back in horror. A pale white hand reached out of the coffin, pushing the top off. Inside was a ghastly man. He wore black pants, black shoes, a white shirt and a cape over it.  His bones creaked as he got up. His teeth caught the gleam of my flashlight revealing two sets of fangs. “”Hello, he said to me in a low creepy voice. I stepped back. “You look so tasty,” he said in the same voice. Then he lunged. I sidestepped and ran

towards the door. I ran up the steps so fast they didn’t’ have time to groan. I twisted the doorknob but got stopped short because the door was locked. “Help!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. No answer. Suddenly I heard the groans of the stairs as the man slowly walked up .He had a confident smile as if he had just won a gold medal. “Help!” I wailed. “Somebody please help me!” Again there was no reply.  He walked closer. Closer and closer he walked until he was right next to me. “What do you want?” I sputtered. “Your blood!” he answered back.  And with one swift movement he had it.